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Our Story

In 1887, Swiss immigrant Herman Michel (and also my great-grandfather), ran the Santa Monica Dairy Company, the first dairy in Los Angeles County. The name Edgemar Farms was later adopted from a public naming contest to modernize the brand (in the 1940s!)

The Michels, their children, and their grandchildren worked to create one of the largest dairies in the state and in doing so, helped shape Southern California for nearly a century. Cities were built and governments created. It was a time when California had so much promise and relied upon the skills of the brightest men and women to shape its destiny. Lovingly and with great forsight, my family, for generarions, participated in beautifully shaping California.

As we considered all of the different things we could name the company, the word “Edgemar,” a word that echoed through my family’s lips for generations and was woven deep into the fabric of California life, kept coming back to mind. 

Today, Edgemar & Co. celebrates the natural wonders and cultural diversity of the Bear State through scent. In a state that has verdant evergreen forests, sun-soaked beaches, winter wonderlands, arid deserts, sky-high mountain peaks with crystal clear lakes that flow from snow-capped mountains, foggy beaches, citrus groves and coastal farmlands, we've found plenty of inspiration! 

California is an enchanted paradise where you could become a star, find inner peace, relax on the beach, stroll among the orange groves, or even strike gold. Edgemar & Co. today is dedicated to the tradition, history, nostalgia and fantasy of California culture.
Look through our rose-colored glasses! 

- Amy Frederick, Co-founder